Stand in faith, with John Ramirez Ministries, by sowing a seed into good ground to set the captives free and help many find their purpose and destiny in our Lord Jesus Christ.  

With deep appreciation, I thank you so very much for sowing your seed.  May our Lord Jesus Christ multiply this back  to you and your house, 100 fold in every way. 

Our vision is to boldly declare the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want the world to hear that the cross still has power today! Your giving will give us the privilege of spreading the gospel that will expose the works of darkness and will help us to bring the word to many nations and set lives free through the life-changing message of salvation, healing and deliverance.

As you come together with us, every life that is touched, saved and set free, I believe with all my heart, as Pastor David Wilkerson did, that you will receive a half of credit in heaven doing the work of our  Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart as I am not able to do all that the Lord has  called me to do without special people like yourself.


Evangelist John Ramirez

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Please make checks payable to “John Ramirez  Ministries” and send to our mailing address:

John Ramirez Ministries
P.O. Box 286372
New York, NY 10128

NOTE: John Ramirez Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS which entitles you to claim an income tax deduction for any support that you are able to provide. You will also receive a year-end giving statement from the Ministries.


We have changed our credit card processing company and are no longer connected to PayPal.  If you have a recurring/auto renewal partnership set up through PayPal, I ask you to contact PayPal directly or log into your account and stop it immediately, as John Ramirez Ministries  no longer has access to this account and will not be able to receive your donation.

You may however set up a new recurring/auto renewal through our new, safe and secure credit card processing company by clicking on the DONATE button above.

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Thank you so much for your godly support.

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