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In every generation, God displays His majesty and His power when transforming a life. John Ramirez is one of those miracles with a transformed life through the finished work of the cross. He recounts his former life of being trained as a high-ranking devil worshipper warlock for 25 years of his life. He lived in the dark side in the highest realms of the demonic, specifically Santeria, Spiritualism and Palo Mayombe. In 1999, John passed away in his apartment in the Bronx, went to hell and met the devil and the cross of Jesus Christ. He was put back in his body the same night and became a born-again believer. He overcame the Kingdom of Darkness and has spent the latter part of his life being a fierce warrior for Jesus, uncompromised, preaching the gospel to the nations and setting the captives free.

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"You were not made to give into fear, but to walk with power and authority of Jesus Christ!”

John Ramirez

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“In every generation God has always displayed his awesome deliverance and transforming power. Evangelist John Ramirez is another example of God’s mighty power to set the captives free. ”

John Ramirez

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Building Arsenals That Destroy Satanic Kingdoms

Fire Prayers by John Ramirez

Filled with powerful teachings, Fire Prayers will equip you with a spiritual warfare arsenal that will leave Satan and his kingdom trembling and unable to manipulate, control, or dominate you; hinder your relationship with Jesus; or thwart your destiny.