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In his powerful testimony, Author and Evangelist, John Ramirez tells his true-life story of how he was trained to be a satanic cult (Santeria, Spiritualism, and Palo Mayombe) high-ranking warlock.

This is a powerful and incredible testimony that shows how God displays His majesty in every generation by going beyond the human mind and how the world thinks and how the world perceives things. God is beyond that. He loves the misfit.

This testimony is about how the Lord Jesus Christ snatched someone out of the grips of hell. John Ramirez is one of a million. His life is like the Apostle Paul but also he compares himself to the donkey that was tied up in the New Testament. The donkey that Jesus Christ knew his condition, his situation, and his location. That was John Ramirez’ story. He was bound 25 years, incarcerated spiritually by the devil; yet God knew his condition and his location. The Holy Spirit went after him and brought him to the foot of the cross. Today, because of the grace of God, he is an evangelist for Jesus Christ for spiritual warfare and setting the captives free.

Sought-out Speaker
and Evangelist

Evangelist John Ramirez tells his true-life story of how he was trained to be a high-ranking warlock in a satanic world. This powerful and incredible testimony shows how God displays His majesty in every generation by going beyond human comprehension. With 25 years of involvement in the occult serving Satan himself and his demonic kingdom, from satanic contracts with demons, principalities, territorial spirits, familial spirits, marine spirits, and water spirits in the demonic world, John plunged himself into the highest level of the dark side called the shadows of the demonic, controlling regions through astral projecting and diabolic assignments from Satan himself.

John’s life continued on this dark path until God intervened through a miraculous encounter, when John passed away in his apartment, in the Bronx, in 1999. He was headed bound to hell, where the devil met him and the cross of Calvary showed up and destroyed the devil and set John free from the grips of the satanic world. John was put back in his body and that night John decided to follow Jesus Christ. He renounced the devil and his kingdom and all the satanic diabolical contracts and never looked back. John made a decision to do life with Jesus with no parole from death row until Jesus calls him home.

Today, John is a servant and a vessel of honor for the Lord Jesus Christ reaching the nations with the true gospel and the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to set the captives free that have been bound by witchcraft, generational curses, bloodline curses, and open doors into satanic bondage. Evangelist John Ramirez is living out his purpose and his destiny. Not only is the Lord using him to set many free, but John, by God’s incredible grace, has received his Doctorate of Divinity through Life Christian University by the precious man of God Dr. Wingate, and his wife, Dr. Susan, founders of this prestigious college. He received his Bachelor’s degree as well as his ordination papers. Praise be to God for this incredible blessing.

God is holding the pen of his story. John is the author of many amazing books on spiritual warfare that have touched the nations for Jesus Christ. Only God is able to do something this miraculous in his life. To God be the glory forever in Jesus’ mighty name!

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