By John Ramirez

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Building Arsenals That Destroy Satanic Kingdoms

Fire Prayers by John Ramirez

Filled with powerful teachings, Fire Prayers will equip you with a spiritual warfare arsenal that will leave Satan and his kingdom trembling and unable to manipulate, control, or dominate you; hinder your relationship with Jesus; or thwart your destiny.

THe Author

John Ramirez

John Ramirez is an internationally known evangelist, author, and highly sought after speaker who teaches believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy. He has shared his powerful testimony — of being miraculously saved as a high-ranking satanic priest — on It’s Supernatural!, The 700 Club, TBN, Daystar, and more. 

Unmasking the Devil

No army goes into battle without first knowing the tactics of their enemy. Receive behind-the-scene glimpses of Satan’s strategies and equip yourself to live victoriously over the powers of darkness!