Sanctifying Yourself For A 21 Day Fast

Fasting will help you identify areas of hidden sin in your life, destroy strongholds,  break patterns and cycles of repeat and break generational curses.  It will also cut away ungodly soul ties.  Above all, it will give the devil an eviction notice.  Sanctifying yourself is pulling away from the world and getting closer to God. It helps you filter your life to set yourself apart to seek the Lord.   

I am going to give you Rules of Engagement to use during the battle in your 21 day fast.

Rule #1 Getting in the war room  of your mind before entering the battle. If you can't defeat him in your head, you  sure can't defeat him out in the battlefield.
Rule #2 : Taking a defense posture against the enemy, no matter what comes your way, you will not be moved.Taking a stand against the enemy is taking a firm commitment to the will of God.
Rule #3: Know that the devil has powers, but doesn't have the right power to destroy the believer.  For a long time now we have been believing the lies of the enemy and this is how he can destroy us.
Rule #4:  Spiritual warfare offense: watch what you read, watch what you say out of your mouth, watch what you watch on tv, on your phone, etc..  Be careful and guard your associations with others. Watch what you listen to.  These are some of the gateways and portals the enemy uses to gain strongholds and bondages and weakens us with our relationship with the Holy Sprit. 

Some weapons of our warfare:  
1) Focus your attention on Jesus and his blood; this is our powerful protection today.

2) Allow the Holy Spirit to have his way with you in prayer throughout the day. It will break negative attitudes, bad habits, bad behaviors and feelings.

3) Emerge yourself in the scriptures; the bible is the written word of God and the demons tremble because of it.

4) Every time the devil shows up at your door, command the devil and demons with the authority of Jesus Christ in you, to leave you now.  

5) It's time for you and I to change our spiritual climate in our homes, workplace, around us and everywhere we go.  We are spiritual thermostats and we can change the atmosphere in our region by ushering in the presence of God into every situation, through the word of God, praise and worship and speaking life and not death.

Prayer Points:

1) Build your relationship with the Holy Spirit through prayer

2) Praying for your purpose and destiny

3) Praying for your family and unsaved loved ones

4) Praying for clarity for revelation in your spirit

5) Praying for direction for 2020

6) Praying for stronger discernment and faith in your walk throughout the year

7) Praying for your spiritual assignment in this season, so you will not abort the plan of God in your life.

It's time to take back our God given authority.  We are spiritual gangsters, fearless, untouchable and unmovable. 2020 is your promise land.  Step into and command the devil to leave your territory in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year!Evangelist John Ramirez 

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