Spiritual Accountability

Evangelist John Ramirez and John Ramirez Ministries, Inc. believes very strongly in the need and blessing of serving the Lord with spiritual oversight.

He has submitted himself under the spiritual authority of Apostles Alexander and Sandra Sarraga of AFIA and Champions Ministries in Orlando Florida.

These spiritual advisers provide advice, counsel and accountability for John Ramirez Ministries, Inc., as well as Evangelist John Ramirez.

He is grateful to the Lord for the wise and faithful spiritual advisers the Lord has placed in his life and ministry for accountability and for spiritual oversight.

John Ramirez also seeks spiritual council and wisdom from local pastors he is in relationship with in the New York City area and other ministers internationally.

On behalf of my covering, Apostles Alexander and Sandra Sàrraga of Champion Ministries. They URGENTLY need to PURCHASE a building/premises where they can hold their church meetings, conferences and most importantly – expand their ministry and touch MORE LIVES and set those held captive FREE!
A ‘go fund me’ page has been set up in an effort to RAISE AS MUCH finance as possible.

I am appealing to you all to sow ‘your best seed’ to help them accomplish their vision of purchasing premises/building. When you click on the ‘Donate’ link, on the page following, there is an option to ‘Leave a comment’. Could you please insert the note..’As per John Ramirez request.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining me in standing together with Apostles Alexander and Sandra to help them accomplish what Our Heavenly Father has called them to do.
Evangelist John Ramirez

Click on this link that reads “Champion’s Building Fund” listed here:
Champion’s Building Fund